About Us

Find out what the Ultimate VPN do and what our mission is!

Who are we?

We're a group of technology enthusiast that are obessed with security and internet freedom. Be it watching a TV show from across the pond, to browsing websites without being monitored - we think everyone has the right to freedom. We set up UltimateVPN to help people make the best choice possible for their privacy, security and freedom needs.

How do we make money?

UltmateVPN partners with VPN providers to get free access to their service in order to write independent reviews. On top of this, we earn money for each user we eventually send their way. This doesn't mean we provide bias information however, we don't need to. Each company pays us, so everything is equal, giving us the opportunity to be fair across the board.

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"Finally I found a VPN that works perfectly for me...and it allowed me to watch any content I wanted online! I've now also got added security and feel much safer online - thank you guys!"


Jeff Bray

Essex, United Kingdom